miércoles, 28 de octubre de 2015

PicarOS Diego 2015: My Impression so far

PicarOS Diego, a derivative of GalPON MiniNO aimed at children, is simply the best system for kids.   It is packed with all kinds of tools for education and leisure, and it also works as a full production system for adults.  I've used it countless times in my classes and my students are always amused and impressed by the visual design of this friendly OS.

My only two problems so far:

1.  VLC refuses to display .srt subtitles.

I've tried all I've read on the Internet to no avail.  I think it is a bug in the specific version of VLC that PicarOS comes with.  Fortunately, SMPlayer solves the problem, so I'll be using SMPlayer for the time being.

2.  There is no lockscreen feature.

To me, this is a very necessary function.  I know that I can always leave my session, but that is not useful if I am working on something and I have to leave my computer on while leaving for a moment.

Fortunately, I could solve that issue.  The steps for enabling Screenlock were not difficult, but they were quite a few.  I'll post the method later, when I get to my PicarOS system.

Apart from those two issues, I must say that I'm very happy and satisfied with this OS.  PicarOS is an impressive system!  

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  1. I agree it is an impressive system that gives children many tools without limiting them. What's more, if a child masters everything PicarOS is packed up with, this kid will know probably three times more about computers than the average adult does!