viernes, 2 de julio de 2010

Coming Soon: Windows 7 Service Pack1!!

It's interesting to see how many Win7 users are eagerly waiting for SP1 since January. Finally, it seems that the long awaited Service Pack will arrive (according to some) on July 7 (whoa! that means the seventh day of the seventh month...mythical!!! Probably the Earth will stand still in awe!)

What I don't like is the game the guys at Microsoft play with their loyal users. SP-1 was originally expected at the beginning of this year, but while their users waited faithfully since last year, Microsoft let a third-party company, LeeLo Soft, create Quick Fix, a 463 Kb tool to fix 21 commonly reported bugs on Windows 7!

Why making their users wait if those 21 bugs were already there and could be solved in less than 500 Kb? Unless you have sold your soul to..., the answer should be clear: Releasing a Service Pack so soon would have hurt the credibility of Win7. Users would have thought their new system was not as good as they were told.

Anyway, it's not the first time Microsoft support service lets their users down. Actually, that happens quite often, with the Redmond giant usually blaming someone else before addressing the problems. Remember the bug of the batteries that started in June, 2009? The thread is so long that it had to be split into several parts and has reached PART 10 already!!! (one user in part 10 was so angry and fed up with waiting that threatened to migrate to Ubuntu while another advised others to downgrade!)

Now that Microsoft will at last release Win7 SP-1, hopefully those bugs will be properly addressed...or more people will downgrade or better yet, upgrade to Linux! The problem is that in March they said that the first Service Pack would bring only minor fixes. They're at their game again: Windows Seven is so powerful that the Service Pack will just address minor bugs (SP-1 is only from 3 to 4 Gbs, so get ready for a big download that will solve minor bugs, pirates!)

Win7 users: pray that Microsoft is not using with you the same "wait for help" strategy they are using now with poor XP users. They are under a massive attack currently and Microsoft's tech support has failed them (and still many hesitate to migrate to Linux claiming lack of tech support!)

Nah, that happened because XP is old and about to die. Why would Microsoft do that to Windows 7 users? Well, Windows 8 is on the way...

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  1. Of course, Microsoft wants gullible users to think that Win 7 is the most powerful and stable OS in the market...
    Let us see:
    XP has support up to 2014 (in theory)
    7 was released in 2009.
    8 is scheduled to be released in 2012...

    Funny how XP users still think that Microsoft will back them up.