viernes, 16 de julio de 2010

Creating a MEPIS USB Bootable Key

Why would you want to load your MEPIS LIVE CD into a USB key?

Believe me, it is great as a RESCUE/BACK UP will let you:

a- recover your Windows files if Windows refuses to start (that's a life-saver!!)

b- clean viruses you cannot normally reach from Windows

c- browse the web securely without worrying about spyware being installed

d- burn your back-ups from Linux or Windows partitions (MEPIS comes with a CD-DVD burning tool!)

e- view and create all kinds of office documents from a computer that doesn't run Windows

f- use MEPIS on a PC that does not come with it

g- install MEPIS on that computer if you want to

h- make or modify partitions on the hard drive

i- lend your computer to your cat without worrying about possible consequences in your system
( be honest, I must say that this one has to be tested further. NOTHING is cat-proof yet! :P )

So, how you do it? (I mean installing MEPIS on your USB stick, not cat-testing your system)

First, you need a MEPIS Live CD. I personally favor Mepis 8.0.15 but others are more comfortable with Mepis 8.5

Boot your computer with the Live CD. Once you have reached Mepis desktop, go to System/Mepis settings/MEPIS System assistant. It should look like this:

Plug your USB stick and follow these images...they pretty much cover the process...

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  1. Very nice tutorial! You should keep it as a separate page for reference.