martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010

Happy Birthday, FIREFOX!!

Happy Birthday, Firefox!! ^__^

Six years ago, the Internet saw the birth of Firefox, IE's nightmare, even though Microsoft will never acknowledge it and will keep saying that IE is always growing. Well, it's true: it's always growing in size and copied features! (seriously...20 Mb. just for browsing the Web? Oh, and you don't have the right to download that mammoth unless you use either Vista or Vista/7)

Firefox, even being a six-year-old child is pretty amazing. One of its most amazing deeds was sending a strong message to Microsoft, to the end users, and to developers: Internet Explorer is neither the only browser nor the best one. IE may have killed Netscape's Navigator, but now it has to prove to the 41% of users that chose other browsers why they should prefer it. Good for Firefox!

Thanks to Firefox, many eyes were opened and even Windows users happily browse the Web with Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and other alternatives, to Microsoft's dismay. It is, as the article Happy Birthday, Firefox! called it, "the little browser that could!

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  1. I remember you asking me to try Firefox and I always saying "later"...

    Now I don't remember how I could browse the Web without Firefox's security add-ons and the other convenient features it has.

    By the way, I also gave Opera a try two days ago... It was interesting, but I stay with the orange panda.

  2. The orange panda is great!
    I tried Google Chrome and liked it, but it's not for me. BTW, did you hear about the new browser the developer of the original Netscape Navigator is working into?

  3. I remember when my brother, a student of the Computing Major in the UCR, told me to change from IE to Mozilla Firefox. I asked him what the difference between them was if the purpose is the same. He told me that Firefox had more advantages. I decided to change to it because, as he is studying Computing, he knows about what is better to use. I am glad I changed, because a found those advantages, although sometimes I move to IE and use both at the same time. You can have different options and use what you find more attractive.
    López. P.

  4. You have the power of deiding what you want to do and what to use, it is only your decision.
    López, P.

  5. @ Paola,
    Well said! It is our right to decide...and it is also our responsibility not to let big companies take away our right to decide.

  6. When I still wandered on the web with no idea of what a browser was, I had not noticed any considerable difference between Internet Explorer and Firefox (except for the icons). All I knew, very naively, was that by clicking on either icon I would find myself surfing the Internet almost immediately. Little by little, I realized that Firefox presented fewer problems than IE, for instance, when accessing the web for the first time. One day, as I was using IE, I spent several minutes trying to access certain web sites and obtained the same ERROR screen displayed in front of me over and over again. Surprisingly, when switching to Firefox, the problem was gone. I cannot explain why this situation happened to me, but I was encouraged to change my browser once and for all.
    Unfortunately, I currently own a netbook which doesn't have Firefox installed, and I don’t know whether I can retrieve it directly from the web.

  7. Melissa,

    Sure you can!

    You download it and install it the Windows way: Click next, next, yes, next, done.

    Good luck.

  8. I hope Melissa doesn't run into the "BE CAREFUL: YOU ARE CHANGING THE DEFAULT SETTINGS OF YOUR SYSTEM" message. Translation: "You are about to install something better than the junk Microsoft gives you and Microsoft won't be happy with you for doing so." :P