domingo, 21 de noviembre de 2010

Happy Birthday, MEPIS LINUX!

Today, Mepis is celebrating its 8th anniversary!

The members of the community are very happy and thankful to Warren Woodford, the developer of Mepis.

Even though I am quite new to Linux and to Mepis (I entered both worlds at the same time), I could feel the warm welcome that they gave me at Mepis community.

For those who don't know, although Mepis made great innovations to Linux in the past, it is a little known distro nowadays. It even faced criticism in the past "for making Linux too simple" coming from UBUNTU users!

Although Mepis doesn't get much press, I personally find it very stable and easy to use. Actually, that's why I chose it for my migration.

Now I am testing Mepis 11 Alpha 2...a nice way to celebrate the birthday of my favorite distro!


EDIT: I haven't finished playing with Alpha 2 and Alpha 3 is already available! Gotta download that one, then...

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