martes, 23 de noviembre de 2010

Oops! Missed Windows Birthday! :P

Yesterday, I missed an interesting date: Windows 25th Anniversary!

And why am I writing this post about Windows on a free software blog? After all, I forgot about Windows since I started using Linux...

True, as a Linux user, I have my reasons for jumping off the Windows boat in search of a new route. Windows fanboys may want to cover them up or ignore them, but they are just evident.

However, I have good memories tied to Windows as well. After all, I used it from version 3.11 to XP. And, as I said it several times, my favorite Windows edition was Windows ME. I still miss it, for real! This is NOT sarcasm!! I truly enjoyed using WinME. I saw no practical reason to move from it to XP, but ended doing it anyway when my A/V was discontinued.

Maybe nowadays I'm too detached from the Windows scene, but it seems I missed all the Redmond celebration unless it went by very silently.

Anyway, Windows users, don't forget to give your Windows a special treat! :)

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  1. I also loved ME! I really did not want to use XP at all...but, oh, well.