jueves, 24 de junio de 2010

Linux Equals Peace of Mind!

Why should someone migrate to Linux? Many people wonder the same and many others have already answered the question from all possible angles under the sun. Still, Linux advocates sometimes get frustrated because a great deal of users are undecided or prefer to ignore all the advantages of a migration and, bearing all the flaws of their current OS, stick with it stoically, very much like this:

A: With Linux you can literally design your own desktop!
B: I envy you so much...I am tired of the limitations my OS comes with!
A: Then, why don't you switch to Linux?
B: Because learning a whole new system is too troublesome.
A: It isn't so hard! You'll get used to it in no time.
B: I don't know...I don't have much time.
A: But aren't you tired of system failures and slow performance?
B: I'm fed up with all that, you bet! Blame it all on the viruses!
A: Then...?
B: What can I do? That's how life is!
A: It is not like that. Did you know that Linux is safer and with it, you don't even need an antivirus?
B: Really? Wow! That's REALLY cool! By the way, you just reminded me I gotta download my antivirus updates! Gosh, I'm three days behind; it'll take a while! Better do it right now...see ya!
A: ???!!!

I can only say that since I run Linux, I am able to sit down and work on my computer with complete peace of mind. Today I had to print a document on my way to work, so I used a computer from a shop. As soon as I introduced my USB drive, a virus clung onto it. When I reached my office, I turned on my little netbook and in less than a minute, I got rid of the pest, whose name was "NICE." Right, VERY nice! A couple of hours later, an ex-classmate visited me. He told me about several useful software tools--for windows--and wanted to show me his accomplishments with them. Not to my surprise, his USB memory was infected with the infamous virus RECYCLER (which I used to fear a lot). I deleted the pest from my friend's USB device and that was the only explanation he needed to get interested in Linux. He is indeed a clever guy...

Again, that's probably what I value the most of Linux: it lets me relax and fear nothing whenever I insert an infected device into my computer's USB ports. Linux even gives me the chance to do some community service by cleaning up viruses that could cause a terrible moment to my friends or colleagues. It feels good to help people, you know?

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  1. You are truly right. I've come to realize that seeing IS NOT believing when we talk about OS performance. I've been cleaning USB drives myself and I appreciate the fact that my students let me do it, but...Would not it be more convenient for them if they could do it themselves? I cleaned a USB drive that included a time bomb virus on Tuesday. The virus tried to damage my system. It was kind of cute seeing it try. Had I had Windows instead of Mandriva Linux, I would not be so happy about it. I lost my Master's thesis with one of those when I used Windows.

  2. Hehehe! Your distro is picking up steam!


    I think that you should let Walt..er, Warren know about it.

  3. Definitely, it would be a lot better if they could do it themselves, but it takes them a while to open their eyes and some of them will never do it. On the other hand, some Linux users may argue saying "why should WE care what happens to them? They are Windows users and it's their viruses, it's THEIR problem!"
    I disagree with that point of view. Maybe my next post will be about that.

    About the MEPIS review, Walt--I mean, Warren will surely feel happy about it. Not many people know about this small distro.

    Still, one of the comments about Mepis was very negative...it was like "This distro has nothing good. All bad." People who comment that way don't realize they are not helping anybody with that attitude. It was probably another "MY DISTRO-Troll".