lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2011

My Old Computer...First Round

As the end of this semester is almost here, I don't have much free time in my hands. Still, I was able to work for a bit on my old computer yesterday! I tried SliTaz on it and loved it! The friendly spider-penguin not only recognized my wired connection, but also let me install Firefox without a glitch.

Unfortunately, my knowledge was not enough to carry out the installation of this distro successfully. During the installation process, I got a message that a file was missing. I'm not reporting this as a complaint but rather as a VERY INFORMAL blog entry, just to remind myself to try installing SliTaz again when I have more time. Boy, I liked it!!

I also have CD Linux and Vector Linux in line for testing! Can't wait to try them! ^___^

Meanwhile, my old computer is running happily fueled by SimplyMepis 8.0. It used to dual boot Windows XP back in the old times, but now it is a full Linux install.

martes, 8 de noviembre de 2011

An Old Computer: What Distro Should I Choose?

I have a computer that has seen better days. I used it with Mepis 8.0 and it worked without a glitch, but since I use now another computer (also with Mepis 8.0 as its main OS, although I also use on it Pardus 2011, Mandriva 2010, Mepis 11, antiX M-11, MiniNO, and Kongoni), I'd like to try a totally different distro as the main OS for my old computer this time.

It has to be a lightweight old computer is not able to run beautiful effects. Neither KDE 4 nor Compiz worked well on this old timer. I am thinking of Enlightenment or XFCe...but I'm open to any other lightweight distro. I know that antiX and MiniNo work like a breeze, but I'd like to try something new, for the sake of learning and experimenting...

Well...let's see what I can find. Any suggestions?