lunes, 15 de septiembre de 2014

Linux is Boring: My Statistics

Currently, I'm running several Linux distros on different multi-boot computers:

On my desktop:

AntiX 14R alpha1

On my Laptop:

MEPIS 12 Beta1
Pardus Community 2.0
AntiX 13
Pisi Linux 1.0
GalPon MiniNo 2.1
PicarOS Diego C

On my netbook:


Now, since last time I published stats (May, 2011) and taking the 3 devices combined, these are my latest statistics:

Number of kernel panics: 0
Number of system crashes: 0
Number of malware attacks: 0
Number of times I've experienced sluggish performance:
Number of times updates have trashed my system(s): 0

These lame, repetitive numbers tell me that Linux distros are indeed becoming more and more boring!  It now seems that, if I want my systems to misbehave, I have to break things myself!  Where did all the fun go?

Last week I even had to lend my laptop to my students because the one they brought for their presentation (with Windows 8) didn't want to recognize the projector, no matter what they did.

Geez...if things keep going like this, I'll have to switch back to Windows when they release Windows 9 (it will have VIRTUAL DESKTOPS: You see? That is so cool, innovative and absolutely NOT boring!!!!)