jueves, 24 de mayo de 2012

Good News: Pardus Still Breathes!

I recently visited Pardus Life, a blog dedicated to the fine Linux distro called Pardus. There have been rumors of Pardus dying and some in Turkey have been hiding in the darkness and, acting as poachers, they have tried to kill this big cat. Fortunately its community is not letting the big cat/linux distro fade away into extinction. Apparently, the community has managed to keep a little Pardus cub alive. Its name is Anka, and this leopard cub is beginning to walk into its early testing process. People at Pardus Life are optimistic. Anka brings a ray of hope to users of a Linux distro that was always characterized by its elegance and great functionality. May you grow big and strong, little Anka!

viernes, 4 de mayo de 2012

Activity at MEPIS Home

MEPIS community members are excited lately. We are waiting for a surprise. Meanwhile, Danum, who has made very interesting MEPIS remixes (MEPIS Roadblock, for instance), is experimenting with Trinity DE (a fork of KDE 3.5) to put up a retro version of MEPIS 11. It still doesn't have a name, but the community is suggesting some possibilities. I use both MEPIS 11 and MEPIS 8. For some reason, I've been unable to abandon the KDE 3.5 edition of my favorite distro. In this light, Danum's offering of MEPIS 11 with Trinity sounds like a very interesting experiment. I'll be among the first to try it, for sure!