jueves, 17 de abril de 2014

My Favorite Linux Easter Egg

Easter always reminds me of a fun custom in programming: Easter eggs.

It's always fun to find these intentional odd behaviors in programs.  Unfortunately, some people think they are unprofessional.  They might be, but those who write code are entitled to have some fun, aren't they?

Well, among the various Easter eggs in Linux, my all time favorite is the one in Aptitude.  Just fire aptitude (if you have it installed) on your console and type:

aptitude moo

The program will tell you there aren't any Easter Eggs.


aptitude -v moo

And it will will confirm you the absence of Easter Eggs.

Add another v:

Aptitude -vv moo

Keep adding more vs and it will give you a great Easter Egg.

Ah, and it's multilingual!  Here you have its Spanish version from GalPon MiniNo Linux:

Whoever created this elaborate and fun Easter Egg deserves recognition!

If you don't get its meaning, please ask  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry :)