lunes, 13 de agosto de 2018

My Old Samsung Chromebook Is Still Alive!

Yesterday, I took out my old Samsung 500C chromebook from its resting place and turned it on, to see if it still worked.

Well, some keys are not responding, some of them the ones I need to open my session, but fortunately the virtual keyboard helped me with that.

I just want to see if the battery is still OK.  If so, I may use this old timer for one last job.  It is a quite important one, by the way.

It involves LibreOffice, running on Linux by means of crouton.  Fortunately, both crouton and Linux work fine.  LibreOffice is there, too.

Great!  Now, let's see how long the battery lasts...

sábado, 4 de agosto de 2018

Making a Cell that Increments Its Value +1 in LibreOffice

Today I learned how to increase the value of an active cell +1 by making a simple macro, thanks to oguillaume, who kindly offered this tutorial for OpenOffice.

This simple macro will add 1 to the value of the currently selected cell (known as the active cell).
This increment cell value macro is useful when associated with a keyboard shortcut for counting things rapidly.

Simply create a new Macro Sub :

  • In the menus, choose Macros > Organise Macros > OpenOffice Basic,
  • In the dialogue box unfold the following hierarchy "My Macros > Standard > Module 1"
  • Now that Module 1 is selected, click on button Edit
  • Copy and Paste the code below
  • Hit Save (Ctrl-S)    
Now all you have to do is Copy/Paste the code below in the editor that opened (the "ThisComponent... +1" is a SINGLE LINE).

Sub activecellplus1

ThisComponent.CurrentSelection.value = ThisComponent.CurrentSelection.value +1

End Sub

 Now to assign a keyboard shortcut:

  • In Menus, choose Tools > Customize ... ,
  • In Dialog, activate Tab called Keyboard
  • Look for an empty shortcut key in the list and select it
  • Now in the list called "Functions, Categories" scroll at the bottom of the list and look for '+ Open Office Macros'. (Click on the + to unfold) Now continue unfolding '+ User, + Standard, +Module1 '
  • Now in the list called Functions, you should see an entry called 'activecellplus1' . Select it
  • Now click the button called "Modify" and then OK at the bottom

Test it:

  • Choose an empty cell or put a value in a cell (e.g. 5).
  • Select the cell (click on it)
  • Now hit the shortcut you have created and see the value increment by 1
That was exactly what I needed!  Thanks!