miércoles, 27 de febrero de 2019

Translate Shell! What a Marvel!

I just stumbled upon this useful article about Translate Shell.  What is Translate Shell?  It is a very impressive CLI software that translates whatever you type in your terminal.

Installing it was very easy.  The article guides you through the process and, if I could finish it successfully, I guess anybody else can.

After the installation, I started having fun with the program.  I typed phrases in Japanese slang, both in Roman alphabet and in Japanese writing and the translation went very well: "This is truly great".

However, the phrase in formal and somewhat archaic Japanese "I am a cat" returned "I am a smiling cat."

Then, I tried English and Thai, which went fine.  Also, I entered a fun sentence in Indonesian: "Excuse me, miss. You have a duck on your head."  The translation was fine, too!

This will be a very useful addition to my systems!

sábado, 2 de febrero de 2019

HP Laptop 15-bw022la: Antix Made It Work!

Previously, I had posted about the loops I had to jump in order to get my new HP laptop 15-bw022la.  Thanks to antiX, I had made it partially functional, but still had problems: it would freeze at random times and I had to use a Wi-Fi adapter because there was not way to make the machine's Wi-fi work.

Well, thanks to Stevo adn BitJam, two great developers at MX Linux and antiX, those problems are gone.  Now I can use the computer normally (although the graphics in some Steam games are weird.  Fortunately, it is not most of them).

What was the solution?  First, upgrading the kernel to 4.20 took care of the freezing. Kernel 4.19 did not work at all.  For the Wi-Fi, downloading the driver and using "make" was the solution.  Also, as it is explained here, this helped me get a better signal:

sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/rtl8723de.conf <<< "options rtl8723de ant_sel=2"
(or ant_sel=1 if 2 doesn't help).

I also noticed that when plugging the machine to a screen using HDMI would show video, but not audio.  Fortunately, the fix was simple: I just had to change the option in the audio output.

And this way my nightmare with the purple laptop ended happily.  Thanks, antiX!