miércoles, 14 de marzo de 2018

A New Pardus Release? I don't Know if I should Try It

Pardus released a new version a couple of weeks ago.  I still remember when Pardus used to be one of my daily distros... But after they moved to Debian, I faced lots of issues and stopped using it.  By those days, I moved to Pisi Linux, but haven't heard much of that distro lately.

I don't know if I should give Pardus a try.  In the old days, it used to be so stable that my mother had it as its main OS on her PC, but now she is using another distro.

The problem with Pardus is that if you install it, you are pretty much on your own (unless you know Turkish.)

I guess I'll download it and try it, just for the sake of fun and experimentation, but that will have to wait until I get used to my new work schedule.

jueves, 8 de marzo de 2018

The Limits of Operating Systems Are Becoming Blurry

Let's see...

Windows ran DOS
Linux ran DOS
Linux ran Windows
Android ran DOS
Chrome OS ran DOS
Android ran Linux
Chrome OS ran Android
Windows ran Linux
Chrome OS is aiming at running Linux

Operating systems are becoming quite confusing! Who needs so much choice and flexibility? That's totally unnecessary!  :P