viernes, 21 de mayo de 2021

11 YEARS! 11 Lessons I Got from Linux

 Today, this humble blog is celebrating its 11th anniversary.

 That also means that I have been using Linux for more than eleven years!

All this time in company of Tux has taught me many lessons. These are eleven of of them:

1- One can survive quite a long time on Linux without being a CLI expert.

2- With Linux, there is always more than a way to do the job. If you don't find it, you just need to keep searching.

3- With great power comes great responsibility!

4- Communities vary. So their ways.

5- Security is at the user's hands. You cannot resign that responsibility.

6- There are lots of ways to contribute with your favorite distro / free software project. All of us can contribute in some way.

7- Linux gets better and better each year.

8- Distros come and go. However, their contributions stay.

9- Experimentation with one's system teaches a lot.

10- Some people simply won't understand the value of free software even if they are using it on a daily basis.

11- Using a computer can truly become a pleasant experience. You do not have to pay lots of money for that.

Those are eleven of the many lessons the friendly penguin has taught me.

Happy anniversary, Linuxmigrante!!