sábado, 28 de julio de 2018

Electronic Invoices...

I remember that some years ago, I went  into my country's official page to obtain the tools to fill in my taxes.  I was greatly displeased to see that everything was Windows-based.  Not even Mac users had an alternative.  That day, I wrote a suggestion concerning multi-platform solutions, but I did not think they were going to do anything about it.

This year, the government started pushing for electronic invoices.  Thus, I went into the corresponding page to learn about the tools... My first thought was "Windows might be a must."

However, I could not believe my eyes: they had the software for Windows, Mac, and Linux!

Well, Linux 64-bit only, and just Debian-based, but hey, that was great still!

My desktop and main computer is a 32 bit box, so it would not be useful. That did not worry much because I own a Linux laptop that is 64 bits.

Thus, I downloaded the software and tried it...

Success!  I could effectively create, sign and send my electronic invoices! 

I still don't know how this will work in terms of accounting, but I am glad free software users were not completely left behind this time.  

The world is changing!