jueves, 24 de octubre de 2019

A Windows 10 Update Broke the Office's Printer (and MX-19 is the Patito Feo?)

Two weeks ago, some colleagues reported that the office's printer was not working.  I did not pay much attention to it because I seldom use that printer and I assumed that they had broken the hardware.

However, later on I learned that it was not a hardware problem.  The issue was with the software.  Indeed, my brother Mechatotoro could print seamlessly using OpenMandriva LX.  I tried then one of my MX-18 Live USB systems and could also print. 

At the end, we realized that it had been a Windows 10 update.  I tried to fix the issue, but since nobody has administrative rights, nothing could be done.  When my colleagues asked my brother why he could use the printer and how that problem could be prevented, he said "You can do it by using Linux."

Since my colleagues are not willing to use an OS that works, they will have to wait until someone comes to fix what was functional but that Windows graciously broke.

In the meantime, I guess I will download MX-19 "Patito Feo" and see what's new.  I want to install it on my laptop, too. Then, I'll make a live USB clone of my system to take it everywhere I go.  Let the Patito Feo fly majestically!