sábado, 9 de noviembre de 2019

Those Old School Games...

A couple of days ago, I stumbled upon some of the games I used to play during my time using Windows. Fortunately, many of them run fine thanks to DOSBox (Yes, I am talking of old-school games!)

Yet, some of the old Windows games I liked did not work back then through Wine, or others were kind of clunky.

I decided to try three to see what happened and was pleased to see that now Wine runs them well.

Of those games, one of my favorite ones was Swarmers.  Now I can play it again!

You pilot a ship in an alien planet and battle a plague of giant ants

Then, I tried "Odento todono osakana tsuri game" (what a long name!) to see if it still ran.  Fortunately, it still does!

You fish to feed your family. Beware of junk or non-edible creatures!
Finally, I tried installing a pinball game named "Roll 'm Up" and it worked perfectly, too.
This is a great pinball!

I wish that "Crystal Caliburn" worked without the awkward lagging it suffers from, or that "Kung-fu Kim", that throws a fatal error, also worked. Maybe they will, eventually.