jueves, 31 de diciembre de 2020

This Is the Way 2020 Ends...

2020 changed many areas in our lives.  Suddenly, I saw myself using software I had never bothered to use before: Openshot, Kdenlive, Tupí, and Inkscape, among others.  Also, I bought licenses of several online apps.  I even started using some social networks in spite of my total lack of interest in them.

As many others, I lost money and became alien to my work, which took a much greater chunk of my time than before.  I stopped doing exercise and had no time to read or to write, my favorite activities. Sickness also attacked my family.  Every day seemed like taken out from a dark and weird dimension.

Still, I found out that I could navigate this new weird and unstable reality. As Mechatotoro said, I can also claim that I have survived this year.

I hear many people being happy and hopeful about 2021.  Still, there is no guarantee that the year about to start may be better than this one. What will 2021 bring? Nobody knows.

At least I can say "this is the way 2020 ends..."   I am grateful I made it.

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