lunes, 12 de octubre de 2020

Sharing Your Work Online: Licenses


One of these days, I was talking with a colleague about sharing one's work online.

Many people don't know the importance of licenses when it comes to sharing one's work in the cyberspace.

Thus, I told her about Creative Commons and the possibility to use one of those licenses for her work.

Why is that important?  I guess most of us want others to our rights as creators of content.  Sharing something does not mean that another person may simply appropriate it.  That happened to me once with an animated image I made long time ago!  I felt shocked because, even if I shared it freely, I thought that at least if people liked it, they would mention my name.

Thus, licensing your shared work helps you in that area.  The different types of Creative Commons licenses provide the flexibility for you to decide how you want your work to be shared and will tell other people that you are serious about your creations. 

So, if you are serious about your creations and want to share them somehow, checking out the licensing options you can use is a good start.

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